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Order These Items

Make the most of your outreach by ordering the following resources for your campaign. The four striking posters amplify your messages on stalking, and the stalking awareness pin reminds your community to learn more about the crime. The Links in the Chain video, produced by Academy-Award-winning documentary filmmakers, shows how two jurisdictions created successful, collaborative, and multidisciplinary responses to stalking. You can order these and other items at the National Center for Victims of Crime Online Store.


  • Stalking awareness pin

    This lapel pin's reflective, colorless surface illustrates not only the invisibility of the crime (to everyone except the victim), but also mirrors what stalking victims often report they experience—the need to constantly check over their shoulder for the stalker. Download and print our National Stalking Awareness Month pin card to use to had out these lapel pins. Simply place the pins on the right side of these business card-sized cards. 



  • Links in the Chain video

    Produced by Academy-award winning documentary filmmakers Citizen Film and Women's Educational Media, this video features two jurisdictions that successfully use multidisciplinary, collaborative responses to stalking:

    • The New York Anti-Stalking Task Force, a completely volunteer initiative that provides a unique forum for a wide range of professionals from a six-county area to consult on individual stalking cases, and
    • The Family Violence Center, a one-stop unit of the San Jose Police Department that stresses a victim-centric approach to policing and houses law enforcement, prosecution, and victim services under one roof.

    Los Angeles Police Chief William Bratton stresses the importance of developing partnerships to address the problem of stalking. Comes with a discussion guide. Preview the video online.